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Together with our partners and by applying modern techniques we can make Horticulture Innovative, Dynamic and Profitable.

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We can collaborate in the development of new greenhouse projects or help create new solutions for your existing project.

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In collaboration with growers from the Netherlands we can give advice on improving the efficiency of your horticultural company.

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If you are looking for import / export opportunities in Asian markets, we can help you explore the market and find your suitable partners.

We connect the Dutch and Japanese horticulture with our wide experience and expertise.

“De Liefde” Kitakami
2.7 Ha
1.1 Ha Paprikas / 1.1 Ha Tomatoes

Kitakami was one of the towns that was hit hard by the 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami. As salinated land made it impossible for its prior agriculture to flourish again it was proposed to be developed as a horticultural area. We were co-initiator of this project and amongst other Dutch and Japanese parties we made it possible to build this first profitable modern greenhouse facility. We were involved in all challenges from early concepts to the actual finalizing of the producing facility as it is today.

This pioneer project is representing a new prospect for the area. First results are promising, giving a good return on investment.

“Salad Garden” Kushiro
2.3 Ha
Bell Peppers

The location is in the snowy northern island Hokkaido. In cooperation with other parties and by applying various Dutch technology we developed and continuously improved the design. All aspects like size, position/orientation, height, strength, climate, costs, planning, machines etc., where taken into account. It was a more complexed project with various challenges at the same time.

We are proud that the client was able to realize this facility.

“Encourage Farming” Niigata
2.4 Ha
Glass 91++

The first ideas and plans started already some years ago. At that time the Niigata prefecture was appointed as a especial area for innovation in horticulture which made it possible to realize a modern glass greenhouse project. In this project a combination of Dutch and Japanese techniques were applied. A nice example of how GreenSquare International B.V. together with the Japanese side can bring Dutch technology to Japan.

Greenhouse Area Development
50 Ha
Tomatoes under artificial light

Together with an Alliance of Dutch companies and the municipality of Westland in the Netherlands, we conducted a profound Feasibility study and Area development investigation. The main goal of the study was to investigate the opportunity to develop profitable large scale greenhouses according Dutch standards adapted to the local climate circumstances and local market. Our starting point was to work without government subsidies or other incentives.

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We are GreenSquare International.

Takeshi Gotoh † : 

With over 45 years living abroad, Takeshi has a lifetime of experience in creating inter-cultural connections. He serves as an advisor in bussiness relations and helps bridging cultural differences.

Remko Bakelaar

Remko has worked in the greenhouse branche for over 15 years. He has served as an advisor on many large- and medium-scale projects both in the Netherlands and internationally. Expertise on all fields.


Robert Heikens

Robert has been active in the horticultural industry for many years, his specializations are energy management such as biomass, combined heat and power, etc. In addition, he is also a business administrator and has extensive experience in feasibility studies and project management, both nationally and internationally.


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